KDE and Plasma Mobile

An alternative software stack for the Librem 5 is Plasma Mobile, which is based on technologies from the KDE project and Qt 5. The Plasma Mobile application development guide from the KDE Community Wiki provides an overview of the technologies and tools that you will be using to develop applications for this environment. We provide a summary of these below.

Qt Creator

We suggest that developers use the Qt Creator Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop applications for Plasma Mobile. This provides support for the other technologies in the Plasma Mobile software stack, including the CMake build system and the Qt Quick and Kirigami user interface components.

Qt Creator is available as the qtcreator package in Debian-based distributions, such as PureOS.


CMake is a cross-platform configuration and build system that is popularly used to build applications based on Qt 5. It is available in Debian-based distributions, such as PureOS, as the cmake package.