Spurious Resets

The development board may spuriously reset when under heavy load when running older versions of the system software. This can be due to processor-intensive software (see this issue) or when power-intensive peripherals are active (see this issue).

Updating the system image to the latest version can help to avoid these issues – see Flashing the System Image for instructions on how to do this.

If your development board does not unexpectedly reset during use then there is no need to take action. However, if it becomes an issue then the following information may be useful.

Overheating Resets

The board can overheat when under heavy load, particularly when compiling complex pieces of software. Later kernels than the one initially installed on the board tend to prevent this issue.

Some resets are caused by the system shutting down due to overheating. This can be verified by monitoring the /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp file which contains temperatures measured in millidegrees Celsius. Consider using a cooling fan to ensure a steady flow of air over the CPU if the temperature regularly exceeds 80°C.