Getting the Application

The application associated with this example can be found in the collection of repositories at the Librem 5 examples project. You can either clone and build the application from the command line or open it in GNOME Builder.

Using GNOME Builder

Follow these steps to obtain the example:

  1. Start GNOME Builder and click the Clone Repository… button.

  2. Enter in the repository URL field and choose a directory that will contain the working directory for the repository. The default ~/Projects directory is usually fine for this purpose.

  3. Click Clone Project.

The repository will then be cloned and installed inside the chosen directory.

Command Line

To clone the repository on the command line, enter a suitable directory on your system and run the following command:

git clone

This should result in the creation of a working directory for the repository in the current directory. The source code can be found in the working directory.