Application Development

This chapter covers application development for the Librem 5 phone. Here, you can find out how to make, build, deploy, and publish apps for distribution.

The development process described in this chapter covers the default software distribution on the phone, which is based on GNOME and PureOS. See the Developing for GNOME section for an overview of the tools and languages available to you for app development.

Learning Resources

The following sections provide different ways to learn about development, ranging from tutorials and example applications to guides about using specific features of the phone and its software environment.

API Documentation

The application-level APIs are described in the Application-Level APIs documentation.

Packaging and Publishing

When it is time to distribute your application, you will need to package it in a suitable form for publication. These documents cover the methods for packaging and publishing applications for distribution via channels made available by Purism.

Other Distributions

Other software distributions, such as Plasma Mobile may also be run on the phone. See Developing for Plasma Mobile for links to further resources.