Widgets and Objects

HdyActionRow — A GtkListBox row used to present actions.
Animation Helpers — Animation helpers
HdyApplicationWindow — A freeform application window.
HdyAvatar — A widget displaying an image, with a generated fallback.
HdyCarousel — A paginated scrolling widget.
HdyColumn — A container letting its child grow up to a given width.
HdyComboRow — A GtkListBox row used to choose from a list of items.
HdyDeck — A swipeable widget showing one of the visible children at a time.
HdyEnumValueObject — An object representing a GEnumValue.
HdyExpanderRow — A GtkListBox row used to reveal widgets.
HdyHeaderBar — A box with a centered child.
HdyKeypad — A keypad for dialing numbers
HdyLeaflet — An adaptive container acting like a box or a stack.
HdyNavigationDirection — Swipe navigation directions.
HdyPreferencesGroup — A group gathering preferences rows.
HdyPreferencesPage — A page from the preferences window.
HdyPreferencesRow — A GtkListBox row used to present preferences.
HdyPreferencesWindow — A window to present an application's preferences.
HdySearchBar — A toolbar to integrate a search entry with.
HdySqueezer — A best fit container.
HdySwipeable — An interface for swipeable widgets.
HdySwipeGroup — An object for syncing swipeable widgets.
HdyTitleBar — A simple title bar container.
HdyValueObject — An object representing a GValue.
HdyViewSwitcher — An adaptive view switcher.
HdyViewSwitcherBar — A view switcher action bar.
HdyViewSwitcherTitle — A view switcher title.
HdyWindow — A freeform window.
HdyWindowHandle — A bin that acts like a titlebar.