Librem 5 Devkit

The sections on this page contain information about the developer kits from this blog post and have been updated to provide more details and links to resources.

System on Chip and Peripherals

Micro SD Card

  • ALPS SCHA4B0419 MicroSD card slot [datasheet]

Micro SIM Card

Smart Card



  • HDMI output via Mini-HDMI
  • Rocktech JH057N00900 MIPI DSI LCD panel: 720x1440 pixels and touch controller


  • Omnivision OV5640 MIPI CSI Camera [datasheet]

Push Buttons

  • Power
  • Reset
  • Volume up
  • Volume down

Hardware Kill Switches

  • WWAN (Modem)
  • Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Microphone and Camera


Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WWAN

  • Bluetooth I2S interface
  • Bluetooth (SDIO)
  • RedPine WiFi/BT M.2 module on SDIO
  • SIMCom SIM7100E or SIM7100A WWAN module


  • ublox MAX-M8Q GNSS (UART3 interface and antenna)

Sensors and Motors

  • Haptic motor
  • ST LSM9D1 accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer
  • Proximity / ambient light sensor [datasheet]


  • Serial Downloader support (loading u-boot via USB)
  • USB-C port including USB-C role switching
  • USB Hub and SD controller


  • JTAG header (unpopulated)

  • UART Debug (unpopulated, 2.54 mm / 0.1 inch pitch):

    PIN Color Function
    1 black GND
    2   NC
    3   NC
    4 green TX
    5 white RX
    6   NC

    Note: PIN 1 is the one closest to the volume button while PIN6 is the one closest to the power button. The pin functions are documented from the perspective of a USB to serial adapter – the devkit receives serial input on pin 4 and transmits serial output on pin 5.


  • Power indicator

    The three power LED indicators are located next to the battery holder on the board.

    Silkscreen Location Function

    Closest to the edge
    of the board with
    the power button
    Charge controller output voltage (VBAT_REG)
    is properly outputting its supply voltage.


    Between LED D304
    and D302
    Indicates that there is a good supply voltage
    from USB VBUS.

    Closest to the edge
    of the board with
    the reset button

    If solid-on, the battery is being charged.
    If solid-off, then no battery is being charged.
    If blinking at ~9Hz or more, then no battery is
    If blinking at 1Hz then there is some fault
  • User controllable LED

For more details have a look at the schematics.