Report an Issue

Issues for the Librem 5 project are kept track of in our GitLab instance. This page aims to help you navigate where to find already existing issues and file new ones.

For example if you were looking for an issue relating to a weather application, you can go search for “weather” and you should find an issue that says “Need to port GNOME weather”. If your search returns nothing, then no wishlist issue has been filed under apps issues and you should file a wishlist issue (using the wishlist issue template).

Some common scenarios would be:

  • You have a problem to report in the operating system
  • You have a problem to report in a specific application


Remember that to avoid duplicate issues, you should always search for the existing issue first before filing a new one.

If you search for an issue and do not find an existing issue, then go ahead and open a new one.

Issue in the Operating System

Issues for the base OS will be tracked in OS_issues. Your issue would go here if you have a concern with something that is not application specific.

Some examples would be:

  • boot issues
  • kernel crashes
  • trouble installing packages

Issue in Librem 5 Application

First, you will need to identify what type of application your issue is related to. There are two types of Librem 5 applications:

  1. Base applications that the Librem 5 team has added and would have its own repository.
  2. Other applications

Base Applications

Issues for base applications should be filed under the issues for that repository.

An example of a base application would be:

For a list of these base applications, see Apps_issues README. You can also search the existing GitLab repositories.

Other Applications

Issues for other applications will be tracked in Apps_issues. Your issue would go here if you have a concern with a phone application for which there is no base application corresponding repository.

Some examples of other application issues would be:

  • You have an issue with certain application that has been added for the phone and there is not a specific GitLab repository for said application to file issues under.
  • You wish there to be a certain application available for the phone and want to file an issue about it in hopes someone creates it. Please follow the wishlist template provided in the Apps_issues repo when filing out these types of wishlist item issues.

If you would like to work on any of these issues, please see our working on issues section.